Access Control

Access Control

Access Control gives you access to open and close doors from wherever you are. Not only is it useful at home, but also your business.

Do your kids forget their keys to the house often? Resolving this issue while having Access Control installed is only a touch away. All you need to do is take out your smartphone and unlock the door for them. Have a sense of security when being out of the house by having access to all doors at all times. Our Miami Home Control services allow you to have control of who can enter your house, giving your family the security they need.

Using electronic access is an effective method of control at a business. Our access control system is used to ensure that facilities are accessed by authorized employees only. This also can control access to critical areas of your business. CBT Tech Troopers customizes your system to meet all your needs of your business. Our Miami Home Control professionals make sure that our access control system best fits the way your business runs. Our team help you find the highest level of security by providing you with tools that can be used to restrict access.

Your Access Control products:

  • Key Card
  • Keys Fob
  • Pass Code
  • Physical scan ( to identify the person )