What is our Client Saying ?

Written by --Mr. A. Mendoza,Miami, FL

 Best Computer services in Miami, Florida. They diagnostic my computer for free and in no time they fix the problem, now I can play video games, movies and music. Thank you Tech Troopers… 

What is our Client Saying ?

Written by --Ms. H. Saravia,Miami, FL

 I am very satisfied with the price. All my questions were answered. The diagnostic was explained well… 

What is our Client Saying ?

Written by --Ms. A. Nakfour,Doral, FL

 My laptop is working perfectly and in no time, that same day I had my computer running and the best part was that they manage to keep all my pictures and music safe. Thanks Tech Troopers! 

What is our Client Saying ?

Written by --Mr. F. Larez,Hollywood, FL

 I am very happy with the service I received from Tech Troopers. My laptop video card melted the motherboard… (it was dead). But I don’t know how you guys were able to fix it. My sister is very grateful! Thank you tech troopers! 

What is our Client Saying ?

Written by --Martha Oliver,New York

 TECH TROOPERS is a proud division of CBT College’s School of Technology. Top students under the supervision of certified staff and faculty, perform technology services for the lowest cost in the market. We invest in “real-Life” professional training for CBT College students, while providing excellent customer service to our clients. TECH TROOPERS can bring you the IT solutions, technical services, and graphic design services to your business needs for the lowest price.