Full Security OS Updates

The Benefits of Full Security OS Updates/Security Assessment Services in Miami

Whether you’re the business owner or CEO of a company/business in Miami, Florida or anywhere else, wouldn’t you want to have provided for you and your place of business a Full Security OS Update service and/or Security Assessment? Such services do not only provide business owners with peace of mind but also, with a review of your IT infrastructure.

This high- end and beneficial and efficient service includes the following:

  • End Point Security: Data disposal methods.
  • External Network Vulnerabilities: Penetration tests.
  • Internal Network Vulnerabilities: Password management, firmware and patch levels and more.
  • File Back-Up and Recovery: Offsite storage, retention periods, as well as- file back-up & recovery solutions.
  • IT Security Procedures and Practices: Security, BC/DR planning and more!
  • Logical Security: User accounts and passwords.
  • Network Infrastructure: Management change, Core redundancy and more.
  • Software Security: Testing, changes, updates, etc.

And the above list only names some of the features that you can take advantage of once you acquire OS Updates and/or Security Assessment services. There’s even more that this one service can cover, as Full Security OS Updates services cover quite a few spectrums.

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