Best way to protect your home or business from any theft is by installing security cameras. Shoplifters and even employees can be a problem. With our Miami Home Control installation you will know when someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Have the power to have more security in your home or business and it can all be controlled in the palm of your hands.

When out on vacation, leave knowing that everything will be secured in your home. Now you can supervise your home using your own smartphone or tablet. You can even have an alert every time someone steps in a room their not supposed to be in.

Many times you don’t have control of what your employees are doing or not doing. Having this kind of system allows your company to grow in a positive way. You can prevent thefts from customers or even from your employees, all you need to do is add the very best Miami Home Control Installations including your security system. You can monitor what they are doing at all times in all places to give you the peace of mind, knowing that they will always be where they are supposed to be.

We provide you with:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Surveillance systems: Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV), camera systems and audio monitoring systems that use intercom speakers as sensing devices for audio surveillance
  • Security design and consulting
  • Product management through product acquisition and equipment install
  • Remote monitoring
  • Support and maintenance
  • Security systems: Motion detectors, glass break sensors, vibration detection sensors, remote monitoring and on-site supervision